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    Internal Error


      Hi friends,


      I receve this messenge :


      internal error (object:clsid-not-found ( Object::Remote::CLIENT(Object:PROTOCOL_LOCAL I PSQL::TrayAppSvr::00000001)CID_SafeArchive::FileArchiveCache


      What I can do to solve this problem





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          Hey MGINGA I just happened to have kind of the same problem


          My Version is the Adobe CC with the latest Updates installed

          I am using a Windows Laptop XMG Schenker with Windows professional

          The source footage can be any kind because the same message happens to pop up using after effects, premiere, photoshop, illustrator - so mostly png jpg pdf and all sorts of different videos with different codecs and containers



          internal error (object:clsid-not-found ( Object::Remote::CLIENT(Object:PROTOCOL_LOCAL I FV:FvServerApp::00000001)CID_SafeArchive::FileArchiveCache))


          So the Message written above pops up when try to store whatever I was working on - if I just do it with Strg+S or in the file menu - it makes no difference

          Even tough this error occurs I can store everything the way I want but I am just really curious because this never happened before - everything was just working fine


          as far as I know I never installed any third party plugins or hardware

          and because it happens to happen not just with premiere i guess there is nothing wrong with the playback engine


          So I hope these were enough information to help with that problem



          Anne =)

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            Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

            From what I've found by Googling the error message, FileVault is an encryption system on Mac. So the first question is whether the files that are triggering this error were ever handled on a Mac computer. If so, you may need to return to the Mac to remove the encryption.