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    Suddenly Premiere CC freeze the playback for 10-100 seconds

    TVF Ingo

      Sometimes Premiere CC freeze the playback.


      I can zoom/navigate the timeline, can save, browse,... but I can not press play. I have to wait for 10-100 seconds. And then is every thing fine, till premiere freeze again. (sometimes the system runs for hours, and sometimes only for 1 minute and there it is the error again)


      I turn off mecury, and my blackmagic card, but no change.

      My raid system oder other harddisc run very well.


      Any Idea?? Thx i.a. (and sorry for my bad english)


      i7-3930@3,2ghz Ram=16GB 64Bit W7 nVidia GeForce GTX 670 Driver 320.49 eSata-Raid BlackMagic Decklink Studio 2 Premiere CC 7.01 (105)