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    Any advice about CS6 on a Haswel i7 laptop w/ HD4400?

    mschubb Level 1

      Considering a new T440s Thinkpad ultrabook and wondering how CS6 might run on a new haswel i7 w/ onboard HD4400 graphics and an SSD.  Not looking for a portable workstation but need something super light.   (I understand CUDA cores and have hacked my desktop to use an unapproved GEForce card, so no need to explain why that is ideal.)  Planning to use Lightroom on this laptop when I travel, but might need Photoshop or Premiere sometimes.  


      There's a lot of hype about new graphics capabilities for Haswel and HD 4XXXX.  THe HD4400 supports DirectX 11.1, OpenCL 1.2 and OpenGL 4.0 and has an improved decoder for 4K video and a fast Quick Sync encoder... but I have no idea what that means for CS6.


      Anyone have any experience or advice re: Haswel or HD4XXX?  How good or bad do you think HD4400 would be running CS6?  


      Thanks in advance!