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    AE 3D Text... or C4D?

    wintersdesign Level 1

      Hello all, bear with me while a spill my thoughts.


      I have some footage that I need to throw some 3D text on.  Here is a screen shot, the camera tracks from left to right on a slider.


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      I would like the text to appear on the concrete of the parking lot in front of the yellow car.  It would be awesome if the text cast shadows in front, as the sun is in the top right corner of the shot.


      I motion tracked the footage, which I guess was stupid given there isn't enough depth in the tracking data because it's a tripod pan shot (the length of the shot is about 5 seconds).


      This being said, do I just drop some 3D text in there and light it accordingly? I can't seem to get the look I want in AE, maybe it's inexperience. Is something like this supposed to be done in C4D?


      A final note, I'd like the text to be "attached" to the concrete, so do I still need tracking points? Sorry for the long post, but I am sincerely stuck. Advice? Tutorials (I watched Kramer's 3D text tutorial, but there is no extrusion depth to his text as he's in Classic 3D and I can't reflect shadows on a solid in Ray Trace)?


      Woo.  That's a lot.

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          Personally, I'd do it in C4D.


          Have a look at some camera mapping tutorials.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Here's a short an simple to do list for inserting a 3D object in a tripod pan shot.

            1. Camera Track your footage. Set Tripod Pan in the advanced settings before you start.
            2. Establish a ground plane by selecting a target then moving the target to the spot in the frame where you want your 3D object to be.
            3. Scale your target by holding down the alt/option dragging and insert a solid
            4. Rotate the solid so that it is oriented the way you want your object to object to appear in the final shot
            5. Now get ready to insert your 3D layer. You can use C4D or add a 3D text layer.


            To add a 3D text layer just Add a Text layer using the same target you used to set the ground plane


            To add a C4d object select all of your layers then go to File>Export>Maxon Cinema 4D exporter.

            Inside Cinema 4D Lte spin down the objects panel to reveal the camera and the layers. With your solid selected add a new object. It will be in the same place as your solid. Complete your modeling and then import the new C4D file into AE and drop it in the top of the timeline. Set Cineware to use the comp camera.


            That will get your object in the scene. It is as easy as being hit by a bus.


            Now comes the hard part. Do the color grading. There are a zillion ways to do that so we'll have to cover that in some other tutorials.