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    help with ps touch


      Where are images saved after editing in ps touch? They aren't in my files with on storage card or ext card!

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          rtan73 Level 2

          You can not access them directly. You have to use adobe cloud or share the image with yourself(email, 3rd party cloud service). I think it is one of the main reasons that a lot of people are having issue with PS Touch. I assume it was done this way to push people into getting the paid adobe cloud service.

          For myself, the fact that PS Touch can not open layered .psd files, and the fact that you can not access the files directly, has made it so that I am looking for an alternative android app. Right now I'm trying find a way to work several other apps into my workflow instead of PS Touch. My feeling is that those two issues will not be addressed by Adobe. There are handfull of apps that seem promising, both on the photo editing side as well as the drawing and painting side.

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            isowimn12 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.  I thought it was me! To bad they have to make it so