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    InDesign users overriding each others work - MAC & PC


      Hi everyone.


      I am posting this message here, because I am starting to get desperate and I hope someone know how to solve this.

      My problem is... in my company we have several Windows 7 (x64) computers, and the other half are MACs. They all have InDesing CS6 with patch 8.0.1 installed, and what I noticed is... when they are working on our network, with files that are hosted on a Windows Server machine, and PC user is working on a INDD file, a MAC user can open that same file (and override the work that the PC user has done), even though the file *.idlk  is created.


      Everytime a PC user is working on a file, I noticed it creates a lock file, and all PC users can't thouch it. But if a MAC user tries to open it, they can....
      I also noticed it is vice-versa.

      All indesign files created on MAC's, when a MAC user is working, that indd file is locked to all mac users, but if a PC user comes to play, they also can open that file and override the MAC user's work.


      I can't seem to fix this, and of course this can cause the lost of working hours.

      Please help.

      Thanks in advance.