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    Audio Help


      When I add a clip to the time line it does not always add the audio portion of the clip.If it does add audio it will often not add the whole audio to the clip. Sometimes if I move the ctl over it will add the audio but only afew seconds past the ctl.This can be quite time consuming when I have a long clip. Have I forgotton to set something up corectly.I am in the Expert mode although I am certainly not an expert. Any help would be mich appreciated. Thanks, Robert

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Based on your prior threads, I am assuming that you are still working with Premiere Elements 11. Is that Windows 7 or 8 64 bit or other?) A description of your computer resources would be helpful if needed.


          First thing we need to discuss is what are the properties of what you are putting on that Expert workspace Timeline?

          a. what camera is it coming from

          b. what is the file's video compression, audio compression, frame rate, interlaced or progressive, file extension, and pixel aspect ratio?

          We could try to find out from your camera's brand/model or better from a video properties readout from MediaInfo.



          Then we have to look at what project settings you are using. Premiere Elements 11 does not always give you the correct project preset for your project. So, once we know the properties of the video, we can decide if the program did the project preset setting OK or whether we will have to set it ourselves before we import the video into the project.


          That brings up the question of how you are importing the video into the project...

          a. Add Media/Files and Folders/

          b. Other


          Let us go through the above to gather the needed information to plan troubleshooting strategy and then decide what next.


          Any chance your video is what is called Cineform.avi coming from a GoPro camera?


          Looking forward to your follow up.





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            thejohnnys Level 1

            I went back to my video project a few minutes later and the audio was there. I don't know why, perhaps I just needed to give it time??? My video is from Add Medea Files and Folders. I am digitizing all my old s-vhs tapes from 20/25 years ago using the Windoes Live Media to bring the video footage into my computer.I am using an ADS Tech Pyro A/V Link between my S-vhs VCR and my computer to convert my anolog s-vhs tape to digital. It is doing a great job even though it is quite old and I believe has been discontinued.  I am working with Premier 11 and am using Windows 7.I don't know how to find out what my audio compression, frame rate, interlaced or progressive, file extension and pixel aspect ratio is. The files are as large as 25 gigs. They look really nice, almost like they were shot yesterday. These tapes were shot on an old Magnavox S-VHS model VR9244/46AV camcorder which was pretty much top of the line for a consumer camcorder at the time back in 1988.  I had it from 1988-2001 Thank you for all your time and effort you have put into helping me. Robert

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              That was very good news. Thanks for the follow up.Great job.


              As you suggested, there may have been an audio conforming process that took a little longer than usual to complete. Usually you can see the conforming progress in a bar at the bottom of the interface. That conforming needs to be completed before continuing in the project.


              As for the audio compression...if we ever need to know that we can put the video with its audio through the MediaInfo to get a readout.


              But right now, since everything is going so well, I do not see that information as an immediate troubleshooting aid.


              Your present work sound so interesting and rewarding. One of these days I have got to get started in that direction.


              Continued success.



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                thejohnnys Level 1

                Thank you so much. Everything is fine now. This project of mine is paying off big time, not only for my immediate family but far all the friends and relatives I video taped 25 years ago. I am so glad my s-vhs tapes are in such great shape. I have about 150 of them. I have been very worried about them. I would hate to loose all of this. It is a big project but it will be well worth it. I have not looked at them for at least 10 or more years. My two children will have a huge DVD collection of their childhood. I am so glad I invested in the s-vhs complete set up back in 1988. I will be giving out quite a few DVD's to friends and relatives in the coming months. I have already digitized over 50 ....2hr. tapes. I bought a 2T hard drive and it is already getting full! I will have to buy another one soon. Thanks again, Robert