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    nonbasic BindingUtils


      Im trying to make a component that generates an arbitary number of check boxes depending on a given xml and set the 'selected' attribute of the checkbox to be true when a particular field in my xml is 1 and false when the field is 0. Whats more i need the checkboxes to change when the xml changes.

      If i just had a fixed number of checkboxes the databinding for that is trivial but since i dont know how many i will have i have to use actionscript create my check boxes dynamically and do the bindings, however i cant get the bindings working in actionscript

      in mxml id have something similiar to
      <mx:checkbox selected="{myXML.visibility=='1'}"/>

      however when trying to databind in actionscript i dont know how to incorporate the conditional statement nor am i even able to get it updating when the xml is changed, is this just something that you cant do easily in raw actionscript?

      Thanks for any help you can offer