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    MughalShahzad Level 1
      I want to get file associated information of dxr/dcr files
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          tdriley Level 1
          buddyAPI has a function that returns the path to the application associated with any filetype (windows or mac).

          baFindApp( ".ext" )

          Where ".ext" is the file extension you are looking for. I use it to set a global variable:

          set assoctatedApp = baFindApp( ".ext" )

          That way you can refer back to it later in other parts of your application, eg:

          if assoctatedApp = "" then

          do some lingo


          do some other lingo

          end if

          (it returns "" if there is no associated app)

          Or you can use it to do a certain thing if it is associated with a particular app, or something else if associated with another... you get the idea :)


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            Wolfgang Herold Level 2

            I think you want to know the meaning of the .dxr/dcr files

            1. .dir are Adobe/Macromedia Director files
            2. .dxr are protected Directorfiles that can be called bya Director-
            movie or a Director projector. Protected means that this are not
            3. .dcr are .dirs converted to shockwave format for use in html- applications.

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              MughalShahzad Level 1
              Thank you so much.