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    Prores from FC Pro 7 on Mac to Adobe AE and PR on Windows


      I need to find a way to access all of my footage that was transcoded from previous projects through FC Pro 7 as Prores .movs.  Immediately I found a Apple Prores Decoder for Windows. I attempted to install it but during the process it came up with a message saying that I already had the most current version installed. After that message I gave opening the files another try. Nothing. After double clicking on the file it brings up a playback window and allows you to scrub through a soundless, imageless video. For the heck of it I tried importing the file into Premiere CS6 and an error popped up saying that I needed a codec to use the footage. I've tried a thousand combinations of uninstalling quicktime, installing quicktime, shutdown computer, restart computer, etc. and the decoder gives the same message and my videos won't play. Also tried some Avid codecs, with no luck. Does anyone have any solutions or recommendations? I'm starting to think my company's move to windows and adobe products has made my archive footage obsolete. This transition from Apple to Adobe may have been a mistake and we may just have to cut our losses and transition back.