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    Field Order -Progressive, Upper or Lower? (Interlacing?)

    Js565 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am fairly new to exporting videos in premiere pro and wanted to ask any experienced knowledgable users what the

      field order in the export box does if changing between progressive, upper or lower? I have read up on interlacing and de-interlacing as i noticed that my clip when played on the computer shows these horizontal interlacing lines when exported on the default 'upper' field order option and as a test I exported with 'progressive' and the lines had disappeared but I'm wondering if exporting it in progressive reduces the quality of the video in any way?


      This video is to be played on an HD TV most likely for a meeting.


      Reading up that some TVs will automatically de-interlace a clip, does this mean that


      a) I should just leave it interlaced under 'upper' option and know that the horizontal lines won't appear on the TV? (still need to test this)




      b) Just export as progressive as I am entirely wrong about the TV and the horizontal lines will show up on HD TVs unless I export with progressive?




      I am pretty confused!


      Please, I would appreciate any advice on this?

      Sorry if i'm wrong on the things i've said, I am very new to all of this!


      Thank you!