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    How to install an Edge file on Weebly

    rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Disclosure: I am an illustrator, not a web programmer, so please be patient.


      I use a drag-n-drop online website builder called "Weebly". It's a great, simple tool for building decent websites quickly and easily. There is a provision for custom HTML code and I can edit the CSS and HTML templates if I know what I'm doing.


      My question is, how can in install a simple Edge animation to my site?


      So far I have:

      • Published for "Web"
      • Placed the  "div tag" portion of the HTML file into the page using the "custom HTML code" option provided by Weebly.

               "<div id="Stage" class="EDGE-1742179078">"

      • Copied the "<!--Adobe Edge Runtime-->" section of the HTML file to the "Header Code" section of the same page (changing the "src=" to an absolute URL).
      • Uploaded the remaining ".js" files and supporting image files to the "files" directory (also changing any relative URLs to absolute)
      I tested a separate javascript widget to verify my absolute URLs were correct and was able to get it work.
      While Weebly provides tools for customizing HTML and CSS code, they do not support it or provide specific technical support on the feature. I DO know that it is possible though because I've seen other Weebly hosted sites running Edge animation files (http://edgemap.weebly.com/).
      Any hints would be greatly appreciated.