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    Exporting ProRes 4444 with Max Depth on RED a mistake?


      Hail folks,



      I am new to the forums -- but this is a question I have been searching all over for and cannot get an exact answer.



      Currently I am exporting a feature film shot on the RED Epic in ProRes 4444



      Export settings:


      Format: Quicktime, ProRes4444

      Resolution: 3296x2700

      Framerate: 23.976


      Qualty: 100

      Aspect: Anamorphic 2:1 (2.0)


      (All these settings are exactly like our source videos / how we shot it)

      Most files we are editing are RED r3d files.



      The issue is after I did a full export, with Render at Maximum Depth checked. (I am delivering it to our colorist for certain transitions that get lost in RedCine)

      I opened the huge files, and half the video effects completely removed themselves. Video effects as in: Dip to Black, Cross Disolve. -- All of the effects are the high 32 ones.


      Some of the video effects stayed, but some completely removed themselves with Maxumum Depth checked. Not only that, but some title cards, made in Premiere and are proper resolution, etc. look very blurry (usually if an effect was over it, like a nice fade to show the film's title for example)


      My temp Solution:

      My solution, was to uncheck the Render at Maxumum Depth, and choose Depth: 64-bit (with same settings above) --- That export keeps the transitions and fades and titles all looking nice.



      My question is, is exporting at 64-bit very sufficient to have all the data baked in there that we will ever need. And also, why are these transitions / titles doing that when Rendering at Maximum Depth? I used the high-bit transitions that I was supposed too.



      Any kind of advice that seems relevant would be great appreciated. This has been haunting me all week.


      Thank you