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    "iframe" for an ID page into same (or other?) document


      Hi, I have a paper engineering job to do that will likely be used again and again, and I'd like to simplify the process of making new versions of it as they come up.


      Basically the final product is a single double sided sheet that when folded a particular way will show one "face" (F1), then when folded again shows another "face" (F2), and when folded a third time shows another "face" (F3). Because of the way the folds work only F1 is actually intact on the sheet artwork. F2 is split in half left/right with each half on different parts of the sheet. F3 is split four ways with quadrants in different parts and sides of the sheet.


      My idea so far to keep the whole process manageable is to create a document of 5 pages - front and back of final sheet, and one page each for the three faces. I then want to place something I can only describe as a set of iframes for each page of F1, 2 and 3 onto the final sheets in the exact positions as required. Then, in the future I need only change pages F1, 2 and 3, update the changes and export the now perfectly repopulated print PDF of the front and back production sheets for printing.


      The Content Collector tool is sooooo close to what's needed it's not funny, but as far as I can tell it only works with items you've already designated, and in this case I can't guarantee that (for example) new text boxes, or additional or fewer images, or a background etc might be needed on the faces in future. I don't think I can add a new text box to the F1 page and have an instance of it automatically appear on the production sheet.


      An alternative I thought of is to simply make an .eps of each page of F1, 2 and 3, and, keeping the naming conventions identical, place those into the production sheet. Update the face page, export a new eps, update the now-replaced file and export the print PDF. This would work, but... is there any way to do it automatically?