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    create a child from a nested symbol on the composition stage

    oliverS Level 1

      it won't work.


      If I I place the following code directly on a button which is on the main stage

      everything works fine:


      var videoholder = sym.createChildSymbol("videoholder", "Stage");

      var move_videoholder = videoholder.getSymbolElement();

      TweenMax.set(move_videoholder, {position:'absolute', left:10, top:500});



      But If I put the code on a nested button it wont work. In my understanding,

      I have to go back to the composition on the stage, but it wont work:


      var videoholder = sym.getComposition().getStage().sym.createChildSymbol("videoholder", "Stage");



      What did I do wrong?



      Any healp would be great