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    Contribute Crashes when 'Updating Templates'

      This is really starting to drive me round the bend :(
      I have installed Contribute 3 on an updated Windows XP machine to allow a staff member to edit a website.
      Contribute runs through the 'Create a connection' wizard without any problems but when you click 'Finish' and it starts to download the templates from the site it hangs every time. I have tried connecting to the same site using Contribute on my mac with no problems, I have tried connecting to different sites on the affected pc with the same problem.

      Thus far I have ruled out
      Template files (work on different pc and mac)
      FTP Details (known good and have connected successfully using IE)
      Our network (another pc in the office + mac is fine)

      Windows firewall is switched off. I'd really appreciate any help with this so I can get on with my work :)

      Thanks in advance