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    How do I update Flash Player for a Chrome browser?

    AdobeDude2385 Level 1

      My Chrome browser isn't updating my Flash Player automatically -- I'm supposed to have version 11.8.800.170 -- even though I've selected "Allow Adobe to install updates" in my Flash Player settings. The Flash Player Web site doesn't seem to allow me to manually update for a Chrome browser. I have a Windows Vista Home Basic Operating System, Chrome version 29.0.1547.66 m, and my control panel says I have Flash Player version 11.8.800.168. However, when I visit the Flash Player Web site using Chrome, it says I have version 11.8.800.97. When I visit the Web site using Windows Explorer, it says I have version 11.8.800.168. I want to make Chrome my default browser.

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          Mike M Level 6

          Chrome has its own Flash Player plugin  embedded by Google. Updating from Adobe won't affect it at all. You NEED to update Chrome (or uninstall and reinstall it altogether) to update the Flash Player for Chrome.


          Re: Making Chrome your default browser. Chrome is VERY processor and RAM consumptive. EACH new tab you open begins a NEW PROCESS using as much processor and RAM as the first. Unless you have an Intel Corei7 (Quad core - at least 2.5gHz per core) and at least 8Gb of RAM, you'll find that a multi tab session with Chrome will place a very big load on your system, and it gets worse if you're running Flash content in more than one tab.