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    FLEX licensing and IDE

    bhutz Level 1
      Had a quick play with FLEX and absolutely loving what I have seen so far, the speed at which you can create a prototype is amazing...I have a few questions though regarding the licensing and setting up the IDE in Eclipse.

      Do you need to pay for a server license when you have created files with FLEX? I noticed some talk about adobe/macromedia providing licensed servers if need be...or was this for an older version of Flex where the code was required to be compiled on the server during runtime?

      Development Environment
      I have tried the FLEX builder 2.0 IDE which is very good and noticed it is built on top of eclipse, therefore I was wondering if it is possible to have a standalone copy of eclipse and add Flex as a plugin? Is this what the FlexSDK is for, I am guessing you add the libraries and framework files? Do you also get code assistance as this helps a great deal.

      If you could answer these questions I would be so greatful cos wanna get the best out of this tool asap....

      p.s. Although the code assist tells you the attributes available it doesn't tell you about the possible values....e.g. MouseDown="wiperight", whereabouts would I find out what other values are available (i.e. wipedown, wipeleft, wipeup)

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          bhutz Level 1

          I was wondering if it is possible to have a standalone copy of eclipse and add Flex as a plugin?

          That would be here then http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Flex:Install_Instructions#Flex_Builder_2_Plug-in

          If I run into any problems along the way I will let y'all know.

          I did have one problem with the installAnywhere FlexBuilder2_B3_05-08.exe for flex. I kept getting an error message after it sets up the install process saying..."please select another location to extract the installer to" apparently this is something to do with a corrupt file so downloaded it again and it worked....I also removed my old version of flex builder prior to installation
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            inlineblue Level 1
            There are no server licensing costs with 2.0. The SDK and runtime are free (including the compiler). You can build and distribute whatever you want with them. Flex Builder, the IDE, is not free and will cost less than $1000. Flex Data Services, an optional back-end server, is probably gonna cost a helluva lot, but it's not needed in most cases (and there's a limited free edition).
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              bhutz Level 1
              Thanks :)
              I have installed flex as a plugin to eclipse and things are working in pretty much the same way so all is good....except trial is still there :(
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                ntsiii Level 3
                Current info on pricing:
                According to Sydney Sloan (Marketing - Adobe) in a Breeze webinar @ 11AM (c):

                Official release date:

                June 28, 2006

                Pricing as follows:

                Flex 2 SDK - FREE
                Flex Builder 2 - $499, $749 w/charting
                FDS - $6,000 (100 concurrent users), $20,000 (enterprise)

                FDS Express - FREE (one app per cpu).

                Charting components - $299
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                  jordan brough Level 1
                  Awesome! Sounds like a sweet deal and it's nice to see a company meet its release date.