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    Bridge Cache

    RonBoyd Level 1

      I have a SSHD, too small to accomodate the Bridge Cache, as my C: drive. How can I direct Bridge to use a different Hard Drive?


      I can get Bridge (CC version) to create a different Folder in the Preferences menu but have been unable to assign a different hard drive.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Installation Preparations


          read the section about SSDs....



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            RonBoyd Level 1

            Yeah, I understand the SSHD is too small but that is what was installed when I purchased this $1,200 computer.


            Anyway, according to Bridge's Preference menu, the cache is found at "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge CC\Cache." That location is not found at any of the Registry locations cited in the article. Furthermore, a Search of the entire Registry fails to find it either.


            The right-click on the Computer icon was similarly unproductive. (Could easily have been caused by my not being sure of what I was suppose to do.)


            I suspect that the solution lies along this path but I don't know how to change whatever it is that points Bridge to that particular folder.


            Surely, I am not the only one who has run into this situation. (I am unsure but I don't believe the Bridge installation program gave me an option of which drive on which to install -- but it would have been very unusual for me not to choose a drive other than C:\.)

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              Ronald Keller Level 4

              You can set the path in Bridge Preferences > Cache

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                RonBoyd Level 1

                Did you actually try that? When I try it: The "Choose" button doesn't give me an option to choose a Drive -- only a different Folder on Drive C:\ -- and the "Make New Folder" does exactly that... creates a new folder within the original (and unwanted) Folder.


                So please explain exactly what I am missing about the Bridge/Preferences procedure.

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                  Curt Y Level 7

                  Should work as advertised.  Do you see the entire computer drive hieracry in Bridge Folders Panel?  If not reboot computer.

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                    RonBoyd Level 1

                    I am unsure where you mean by the "Bridge Folders Panel"? Do you mean within Bridge/Preferences? If so, I do not and I have rebooted the computer several times over the past week with no change in this behaviour.

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                      Curt Y Level 7

                      When you click on edit/preferences/cache and then select Browse for cache file location you should see the entire computer file hierachy just like you see if you open Win. Exp.  You should also see this same list if you look in the Panel labeled Folders.  If you do not have folders click on View and check Folders.

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                        Ronald Keller Level 4

                        Yes, my cache is on my K drive

                        17-09-2013 10-03-25.jpg

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                          RonBoyd Level 1

                          Well, there's the problem. In the Preferences menu, I don't have access to the complete hierarchy (I can, of course, expand the User Folder).


                          Any ideas on how to fix this?





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                            RonBoyd Level 1

                            Let add that this is the same behavior exhibited by Bridge on my laptop. As mentioned earlier, I am using the CC version... in case that is important.

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                              Curt Y Level 7

                              You need to see the same view that Ronald Keller sees to make this work.


                              What OS are you using?  32 or 64 bit?    I see (Main-Vista) are you using Vista?  This may be a problem if so.


                              Where do you want the cache to go?

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                                RonBoyd Level 1

                                It (both machines, actually) is Windows 8, 64 bit . (The Main-vista Folder is on a networked computer that is, in fact, a Vista OS machine but is not part of this situation other than that.)


                                I agree. There is something wrong with my Bridge program -- well, "wrong" in the sense that it does not match Ronald Keller's view (choices).


                                I want the cache to be anywhere but on the C:\ drive -- perhaps G:\Bridge Cache would be a good place since that drive is where all (most) of my programs are installed.

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                                  RonBoyd Level 1

                                  Oh! I just remembered that I still have Bridge CS6 installed on this machine... and guess what? The Preferences/Cache matches Ronald Keller's view. I was, of course, able to successfully change the Folder to "G:\Bridge Cache."


                                  So is the problem with the CC version or with my machine(s)? Hmmmmmm.

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                                    Curt Y Level 7

                                    I don't see G on your list above.  Is this a local drive or a networked drive?


                                    There are some users that have experienced similar problems that have added the missing folder to the Favorites list and then everything is seen in list.  Try that.

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                                      RonBoyd Level 1

                                      G:\ is the 4th one down. (This machine has two internal 2-TB drives in addition to the 128 GB SSD -- G:\ is one of them.)


                                      I added the Folder to Favorites with no joy. I closed Bridge and restarted it... still no joy.

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                                        Curt Y Level 7

                                        Read through these two similar threads and see if you can pick up any hints. 





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                                          Curt Y Level 7

                                          The  xxx1556 link was the one I was thinking of but instead remembered it as Favorites.

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                                            RonBoyd Level 1

                                            Yippy!!! That did it. Such a simple solution. Thank you very much for sticking with me on this.

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                                              Curt Y Level 7

                                              For future readers with similar problems was it the 1556 to put a shortcut on desktop for drive?


                                              Then mark it answered so others will know.

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                                                RonBoyd Level 1

                                                Yes, it was the Desktop Shortcut that did the trick. I should add that this "fix" is, as Manuel said, very strange indeed. You direct Bridge to this shortcut via Preferences/Cache. However, after you restart Bridge, the location is changed from the Shortcut to the actual Folder and, thus, the whole hierarchy is listed. Weird.

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                                                  RonBoyd Level 1

                                                  How do I "mark it answered"?


                                                  (I marked my last Post "Correct." It that what you mean?)

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                                                    Curt Y Level 7

                                                    Yes, that works.  Normally you mark the post that has the answer.   Anyone reading the post will see this is the 1st post after the question and won't have to read the entire post to find solution, as least for the OP.   Oddly enough the same solution will not work for everyone.


                                                    You must be on e-mail response as Helpful and Correct are a little more difficult to flag I believe.