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    License not working - only Developer showing

    rezengine Level 1

      On all of our Coldfusion installs, I don't know since when, the admin panels are showing the installed version as being Developer - even though I'm for sure using 100% valid CF Standard keys. I've been on with Adobe this morning, checked the keys are legit and they are, but for some reason it's not showing in the CF admin.


      For example, when I run the PDF authoring it has the big watermark text across the outputted page saying that it's a Developer version - not cool!


      The CF installs are all up-to-date with the most recent patches - gives the version number as 10,0,11,285437.


      Is anyone else suffering the same problem? Does anyone know of a fix? Is there something I can clear out and refresh to have it re-assess the license version?


      Thanks, Henry