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    Sorry about another post about obscuring damn faces.....please approve (or otherwise) my workflow.




      So the footage is in AVCHD 1080/50p at about 28Mbit


      Final finished product has to be wmv 720/25p no more than 2Mbit


      1. I arrange the footage in Premiere Pro cutting it up, lifting unesseccary bits out, sorting the audio and inserting a few basic transitions from one scene to another where required, adding a few titles and puting a text watermark in one corner.

      2. I like to have a sequence for each scene and so I make a final sequence which has each of the other sequences 1 after the other.

      3. I fire up AE and using dynamic link import the final sequence from the Premiere Pro project.

      4. I add an adjustment layer and add mosaic effect to this adjustment layer.

      5. I add as many oval masks as I need and move each one independantly to cover each face...almost frame by frame at times because trying to auto track faces on this footage it is a waste of time (or at least I dont know enough about that yet).

      6. I render the AE project to WMV 1080/25p at a high bit rate for archiving.

      7. I use media encoder to convert that to 720/25p so that it doesnt't go about 2Mbit

      8. Done