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    Web App items editable via web form with pre-filled info


      I am attempting to create a database stored in a Web App that users (not through the admin panel) can submit new content and edit existing content directly.


      The web form for editing the existing content should ideally be able to display pre filled information about the web app (the existing information) and the user would be able to change the information in the fields they need, and that would directly update the web app.

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are logged in you can submit web app items using the add web app form. Someone who owns a web app can edit their web app which is the edit layout on a web app and the form there.

          You do not build a web form for this as it will not be able to update the web app information.

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            elpatt Level 1

            I want the user to be able to edit the web app WITHOUT logging in to the admin panel. There is a "secure zone" on my page where users will access the list of web apps. The function for submitting a web app item works fine now. I would like them to be able to EDIT the web app item using a similar form or function on the web page itself (NOT the admin panel).


            At the very least, if there is not a way to directly edit the web app from the web page end (and you must use the admin panel) is there a tag that could display web app items names and other fields-- similar to when you pre-populate a web form with customer information?


            The concept of the web app situation Im working with is a user managed database of events. Each event is a web app item and each of these items have a variety of fields that should be filled out as information becomes available. This is accessible by multiple parties who do no have access to business catalyst so the functionality needs to be exclusively from the web page itself.