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    Cannot open Forms Central

    jimb7174 Level 1

      Hi all;


      We cannot open any version of Forms Central on our Windows 7-64bit OS; as a non-admin user.  Administrator opens FormsCentral no problem.  I have checked and managed to logon to the formscentral.acrobat.com URL on the same laptop that does not open Forms Central.  As soon as I logon to laptop with administrator I am working.  I tried putting the non-admin account into the local administrators group but still no luck.


      We have recently implemented the mm.cfg to control the flash player debugger dialogs but I deleted this file to rule out the possibility of it affecting Forms Central, it made no difference.


      I have run the c:\program files(x86)adobe\acrobat 11.0\formscentral\formscentralforacrobat.exe -repair (and this does NOT resolve the issue.)


      Is anyone aware of any further issues.


      Feel like I am banging my head of a brick wall as this was working fine as admin or non-admin a couple of weeks ago but has now just been reported to be as not working and is impacting all our users!


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks and regards