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    Idiosyncrasies using a custom keyboard layout in Windows


      Hi all. I’m a Windows user, but I use thi guy’s (http://ohkine.tumblr.com/post/376098469/macintosh-keyboard-layouts-for-windows) custom keyboard layout to emulate a Macintosh, since it’s so much better for entering diacritics and punctuation.


      Everything works very smoothly, except that often, when I’m entering dimensions into InDesign’s transformation palette, a stray character (most often “`”) is inserted before the first digit. This happens in InDesign CS3–CS6, on multiple systems, on all version of Windows from XP to 8.1, but nothing like it ever happens in any other applications, including other Creative Suite applications.


      Can anyone who knows more than I do about Windows keyboard layouts tell me why this happens and/or how to avoid it? Perhaps someone has a Macintosh-emulating keyboard layout that doesn’t have this problem?


      Thanks in advance.