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    director CS3?

    Mouseclick Multimedia
      'Second half of 2007' has come and gone. I'm anxious, I'm sure a lot of others are too.
      So how about it Adobe, mr. Partridge, anyone !
      Could you shed some light on the release date, and a small preview of the goodies to come?

      Thanks in advance,

      an anxious Director user from Belgium
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          Me too ! me too ! I even get frustrated about the lack of news from Adobe . They keep postponing it, and we have no clues about their real plans. I wish they make a BIG party on their web site to promote it when it is out, to compensate for the total lack of interest they seem to give to this AMAZING product, the first one in its genre, 100 times more fun and easy than Flex, in my opinion. Come on Adobe, move in second speed with this issue, please.
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            I recently received a note from my vendor saying simply "end of January" .... not sure if he's heard something tangible, or if it's just wishful thinking, but ....I guess that beats no news at all! *(or maybe he's just tired of me nagging him with questions about the Director 11 release date) By now, it should be Director 12.......

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              ginod Level 1
              i star to use director since director 4, and never macromedia say's nothing about new releses.... in this case, the people of adobe have to make a big job with the source code.... i think this is the last month and we finaly going to have a new director in march.

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                I have been using Director since Director 4.0. I enjoy its flexibility and the capability for developing large presentations. I have developed three very large presentations (30-40 minutes in length). These presentations include animated charts, onion-skin animation, video clips, background stereo sound, sound bytes/effects, and user control during the presentations. I do not know of another product that will permit this type of development. The next release is way behind traditional program updates. The Mac OS has been updated 3-4 times in the same time period.

                What I want is Director 2008 with a similar time line. 3D models that can be manipulated in Director, surround sound (at least 5:1 with sub-woofer source), smooth transitions, and capable of full screen (16x9) resolutions on my Mac Book Pro (1650x1080). Imports from Photoshop, Adobe Effects, Maya 3D models, video from Final Cut Pro, Sound from Soundtrack and garageband. I did to use Premiere (since version 1.0), and SoundEdit (since MacRecorder), but you forced me to go to Final Cut Pro and SoundTrack Pro.

                This user group has been very patient. When can we expect a new release (Director 2008, Director 12, or what ever). Even Apple announces its releases and some features of its OS before its release.

                Waiting, waiting, . . . . . waiting!