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    Adobe Flash Player


           I was instructed by Yahoo Messenger's customer care to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Flash Player. I am operating a Windows Vista 32 bit, and use Firefox as my browser, their latest version. I uninstalled Flash Player with no problems, and the download was just as easy. However, I cannot get it to install. I tell the system to Run the installer, then when windows asks the security question, I answer Yes to let the installer run. At that point, nothing happens. I never see the installer at all. I wait several hours, then try to download and install again, only to be told, "only one instance of this application can run at a time." I have tried this several times this week with no success. I also have Windows Security Essentials anti-virus and Malwarebytes malware program on my system. I've tried to install Flash Player both with them turned on and with them turned off. What else do I need to try to get a successful install?