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    Getting percentages to display and work


      I have been having a issue where the user enters a number into the form, for example "23".  The user has to enter ".23" instead.  Is there a way for the user to be able to just enter "23"?  I am using LiveCycle 8.2.1 and have tried just about everything I can think of.  I am a novice when it comes to Adobe and would really appreciate some help.


      Thanks Dave

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          Here are the patterns for percentages as given in my version of Adobe LC.  The "|" is for "or". 


          Make sure the "Type" is "Numeric Field" and enter the following line into the "Pattern":


          num{zzzz9%} | num{z,zzz,zz9%}

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            dm465531 Level 1

            In it what tab of the pattern do I put that in?  So far I was using this formula in javascript:


            if (this.rawValue != null) {

            this.rawValue = Math.abs(this.rawValue);

            if (this.rawValue >= 1) {

              this.rawValue = this.rawValue / 100;



            if (this.rawValue == null || this.rawValue <= 1)





            I am not sure that is what I should be using.  I used your line but it still multiplies it by a 100. It now just says for example 36% but it still multiplies by 3600  How do I stop that?


            Thanks for your help