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    Cap7 - Tabs Widget Landing Text


      Hello all,


      I was wondering if there was any way to have text appear on the landing screen of the Tabs interaction widget? Or any widget in general. And by this I mean, when the widget appears, and without having any of the tabs selected, is there any way I can get text on the text area of the widget, or do I have to find a work around?


      When I'm editing the widget, the options appear to "remove picture" and "remove audio" from this landing screen, and any text I do insert disappears as soon as I click away. It seems like a feature that would be helpful, and I wonder if I'm doing something wrong.


      Thank you in advance!

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You didn't get an answer yet, maybe that means that other users, like me don't understand what you want. Could you post a screenshot to indicate what you mean (landing screen????)

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            Ansham Level 1

            Sorry if it was unclear, by landing screen I meant this:





            And I was wondering if it was possible to get text to show up while none of the tabs are selected, since my client wants that. It's confusing because the widget editor allows you to enter text in this area, but it disappears as soon as you click away.
            Anybody have any ideas for a work-around?

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You can have a text container on top, but since an interaction doesn't generate an event when clicking on it, there is no way to make that container disappear automatically.

              Possible workaround, but didn't try it out: make a screenshot of the interaction (image), have that at the beginning of the timeline of the slide and delay the interaction on the timeline. Put a shape that has the necessary text on top of that image. Make sure that it pauses at its end and is configured as a button that has the action 'Continue' attached to it, so that the playhead will be released when clicking on that shape button. But I'm afraid that you will see the transition from the static image to the interaction because that seems always to take a split second to be loaded.