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    Upload Settings values from within a web gallery plugin?


      Is there a way to retrieve the Upload Settings values from within a web gallery plugin?


      I'm trying to create a Lightroom web gallery and I need to be able to programmatically know where the gallery is uploaded to in order to fix absolute links within the web page.


      Specifically for something like passing a URL to Facebook, I need the absolute URL for something like this http://mysite.com/lures/images/thumb/_MDP0866.jpg where "lures" is the value typed into the Put in Subfolder text box within the Upload Settings.


      I can get the relative path from the images using something like getImage(1).renditions["thumb"].dir but I don't know how to get to the Upload Settings.  I thought it could be done similar to the way the site title is bound to "metadata.siteTitle.value" in the Site Info UI block (apparently called "labels") but I can't find anywhere that an example is given of the Upload Settings UI block.


      The example given for the site tile looks like this:



      I would love to be able to do something like this:



      What would be great would be if there was a way to just output the whole "views" structure and "model" table so I could debug this easier.