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    My client is interested in Adobe BC Hosting..but..

    Ish_laos Level 3

      Anyone who's already been through this process please help me out.

      I am going to build an editable site for my client using Adobe Muse.  My first time doing in-browser ediitng, and I understand that BC has to host it...fine. 


      I don't want to start a trial site and I'm not interested in a Partner program. Just want to purchase the hosting and get going on building the new site.



      My question is, where do I send my client to sign up for the hosting.


      Do they have to create an Adobe account, purchase it, and then share with me their log-in info?  If so, can someone share the link with me so I can send it to my client?

      Or do I have to do that for them?


      As you can see, this area is really cloudy for me, and pretty difficult to find answers. All I can find is information for partnership, or starting a free trial.

      I did find a link with subscription prices and information, but I am just not sure of where to go ahead with purchasing and setting up an account.

      Sorry for the newbie ignorance.