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    xp-pen 1209b photoshop issues



      I have the xp-pen 1209b tablet and two computers runing windows OS'.

      The first is a pc runing Windows Vista. I have susesfully used photoshop on that machine with this tablet. It responds very well as I have two monitors and corectly assines the tablet to only one when ever photoshop is running.

      The second computer is a Toshiba laptop runing Windows 7. This computer recognises and uses the tablets Drivers and appears to opperate corectly untill I open any version of Photoshop. The Tablet is no longer recognised by the pc until Photoshop is closed at which time the tablet opperates as normal.

      I have down loaded the most resent Drivers for my tablet as well as checked its compadablity with my OS and Photoshop and there own site state it should work perfectly.

      If any one could offer any help it would be greatly apreciated.


      As a side note i have an other issue with a XP-Pen 4026 where it will not regester pen presure in photoshop but does in SAI. :C

      Thank you for your time.