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    PPro CC V7.0.1, Bug with Warp Stabilizer and nested sequences?


      Hi everybody,


      I just switched to Premiere Pro CC, actual version and wondered why Premiere could not render the timeline with a sequence part of another timeline (nested sequence) with a part of footage with warp stabilizer on it.

      Project export over AME fails as well with an unknown error.

      As soon as I switch off the stabilizer effect everything is running normal...

      Anyone else with this Problem? Is this already known issue @adobe? I didn't find something on the web?

      I'm on Win7, footage from different sources and formats (no difference with the error).

      Maybe there is a less timeconsuming workaround then exporting nested timelines and edit it with AE, maybe even CS6 is needed again?

      Would be so nice if there will be a fix soon and everything would work normal like in CS6 again... ;-)


      Best Regards.