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    Copy text from table to table issue


      Using CS6 on PC Win 7 64bit


      not noticed this before probably becasue I usually copy in from Excel or Word docs, but when I copy text from one table to another in a document  its copying it as a nested table,

      if I just copy a single  cell then thats ok but anything else its placed as a table within the target table.


      Probably something really obvious I've overlooked, but its driving me nuts

      Have looked in  prefs and Clipboard  is set for just text, apart from that I cant see anything


      thanks for any help you can give

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you copy 5x5 cells you need to select 5x5 in the destination.

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            deckard2013 Level 1

            Hi Bob

            thanks for that speedy reply.


            I've just been doing some testing and I'm not sure if the results I'm getting are how things should be.


            I just called up one of my recent excel tables and did what I usually do, highlight from the top left cell to the bottom right hand corner cell, Ctrl-C


            Excel table is always 11 column but  the number of rows varies from week to week, from 50 or so to 250.

            Opened an ID table  template I use which width wise is  the same amount of columns as my source excel file 11 columns, but only a few rows.

            Place the cursor and highlight the first row in ID  Ctrl-V,  table is filled and it auto inserts more rows to the limit of the object box  and then I just drag the table down to fill the page and then just click and drag the loaded cursor to create more table space on the next page if needed, nice and simple.


            Just opened a new  table with 6 rows and 4 columns

            and tried to paste into a table with 2 rows and 4 columns expecting it to automatically fill and give me the overfill red icon on the frame but it doesnt


            but it does with text from outside of ID, I just tested it, it automatically fills all the table and adds rows until the object fram is ful and then I can just use the overfill facility to increase the table size


            Seems odd that this only works with externally copied material