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    Assign Task simultaneously

    Dhiyane Level 1


      I want to assign the task two users simultaneously and complete the task if any one of the user completes.

      users are selected at run time.


      Example : looking to implement the below steps. 

      #1. Assign the Task to A & B

      #2. If A completes then the task should be removed from B.

      #3. If B completes then the task should be removed from A.


      Option 1 : Gateway (or-wait option)

      Option 2 : Assign task multiple users.


      Gateway : If I use Gateway I can implement Step #1 but not #2 and #3.

         Question : How to remove the task from B's Queue when A completes the task.


      Assign Task Multiple users :   

         If I use Assign task to multiple users then I can achieve step #1 , #2 and #3 But I want use the form data which is updated by user.


      Question : Here Output property is Task Result collection. So how to retrieve form data.


      Let me know your answers or any other solutions.