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    Canvas Size keeps redoubling whatever is inputted




      I don't know what the heck the deal is, I have been resizing images for the web, and applying a background canvas border, and have been doing this for days, including today... then, all of the sudden, changing and doing nothing at all, I go to add the Canvas Size, and it for some reason is like doubling whatever the heck I am inputting!  And I can't get it to stop, and again - don't know why the heck it is annoyingly doing this after my sitting here and doing it for the majority of the afternoon and it working normally!


      What I am doing, I am importing the images, directly from Lightroom, adjusting the Image Size from the full edited resolution file, to like say 9" long at 108ppi.  And then, I open up Canvas Size, and am merely adding a small border of .125" to the width, and .25" to the bottom so as to apply the image's title and a logo icon.  And like I said, it has been working normally up until a half hour ago, where for some stupid reason, it is making like a 6.125" x 9.25" input and creating a 12.25" x 18.5" canvas!


      One thing I have noticed when it started doing it, the image's dimensions all of the sudden were not displayed aleady in the input fields, but just showed 0's.  I have closed out and rebooted the program a couple times, to no avail... and even went in and updated that, apparently same 14.1 update that keeps popping up every single day, and nothing has changed this new frustrating issue.


      Any ideas or suggestions?  I'd appreciate any, as I have work to do!  Thank you for your time and any assistance you may give.