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    Any edits in Acrobat 9.5 cause error (109)


      Good Afternoon,



      I'm not sure what has changed recently, but a large part of my firm has started experiencing error (109) whenever they attempt to save after editing a pdf document. Most of them are on 9.5.5, a few are on 9.5.3.


      My first advisement was to print the document to PDF and save that to their desktop in order to maintain their changes so they could then reupload to Sharepoint or bring the file into a binder in Engagement (accounting software), assuming some sort of interaction with the network was causing the error. However, that didn't make the error (109) go away. Even files that were printed to pdf and saved on the desktop cannot be edited and resaved on the desktop without that error reoccuring.



      If it was one or two users, I'd suspect a rogue program of some sort was causing incompatibility issues, but it's getting into the low 30s now and I'm hoping to get this solved.