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      Hello There, thank you for viewing my question! I'm very frustrated, as I have used Premiere for barely 2 months now, so I'm still learning, but I can edit enough! I usually don't have this type of problem.

      Here are the specific steps:

      1. Recorded game in AVI Format (Extremely large!) w/ Dxtory

      2. Launched Adobe Premiere, created project, and seqence with all of the right settings.

      3. Imported 1 video

      4. Draged it into the timeline

      5. Pressed spacebar or play

      6. Audio not there

      7. Deleted the project, created new one

      8. Did Process again

      9. Still no audio

      10. Delete project, look at footage with windows media player.

      11. There is audio recorded!

      12. Restart Computer

      13. Do process again

      14. Still no audio

      15. Import other footage not from game, which is a smaller file, audio does work

      16. Decide to post something on forum with a hope that someone who is nice will answer me.


      Thanks in advance for the help!