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    Choose a Language and Stick With It


      Dear Adobe:


      All I wanted to do was update Flashplayer. That shouldn't take more than a few minutes, right? Wrong.


      I live in the country of Panama, but my first language is ENGLISH. Every time I set your system to be in English, it went right back into Spanish. This may be news to you, but your customers may just possibly know better than your system what language they prefer. You only get your customers angry when your system insists on deciding what language is going to appear on their computer screens!


      You will make your customers a lot happier if you let us actually choose the language in which we want to interact with your website!


      Next, your customer service and "help" system stinks. You say your experts are available 24/7, but the only way I can bring this issue to your attention is by setting up an account, which I did not and do not want. Available? Hah! Apparently I have to write this and then sit around and see if somebody in your forums answers me - not one of your "experts" at all, but apparently just other customers.


      I will expect you to fix your website so customers can choose the language they want. Then I will expect you to delete the account you forced me to set up just so I could bring this to your attention.


      Got it?