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    'Create from Template' creates a maze of nested folders?


      So perhaps I didn't look hard enough, but I couldn't find much about the templates in Adobe Edge so I decided to go ahead and use them as I expected them to work. I thought it'd be convenient to essentially copy-paste a page so that I didn't have to re-enter code for each page (like buttons and backgrounds and such), so I made an initial page with all the right code, then "Save As Template"-ed it with the name "2013_portfolio". To create a variation page off of it, I went to "Create From Template" next, selected the template I had created, and it opened, as I expected. I saved it under a different name (in this case, "2013_home.html" was the original page, and I saved a variation as "2013_resume.html").

      At this point, I realized I had forgotten some code in my original template, so I went back, deleted the variation, made changes to the original, and saved over the first template. I saved over the original template a few times doing this, but I always made sure it was saving over the original template so that I wouldn't end up with weird copies. (or so I thought.)

      So eventually I got the template right and made my variations (same names). Curiously enough, when I looked in the folder that had been created as "2013 portfolio" (the template name), I couldn't see the "2013_resume.html" page that I had just made. Odd, well, I kept pushing forward. I made a few little changes then saved it, and made another variation page called "2013_uxdes.html" .

      When I looked at my folder though, I found a baffling sight. I now had three folders, with strangely nested folders within them:


      1. 2013_portfolio > edge_includs, "2013_home.an" and its associated files


      2. 2013_portfolio1 > 2013_portfolio > 2013_portfolio > edge_includs, "2013_home.an" and its associated files


      3. 2013_portfolio2> 2013_portfolio, edge_includs, "2013_home.an" and its associated files, and "2013_resume.an" and its associated files > (within that 2013_portfolio folder:) "2013_home.an" and its associated files and "2013_uxdes.an" and its associated files


      sooo... I have three auto-created folders, each with confusing nesting and no centralization. What I was expecting was this:


      2013_portfolio> edge_includs, "2013_home.an", "2013_resume.an", "2013_uxdes.an" and all their associated files


      I don't want a huge mess of folders that I have to navigate like a maze. What happened? In the meantime, I plan on deleting all of it and just making a new template, but... well, I hope this is a bug and not on purpose.

      Or am I completely misreading what the templates are for and how they work?


      input is appreciated,

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          JessePH86 Level 1

          Hold on, update on what I see going on, after creating a new template from scratch. Every time I press "Create From Template" then save the new page, as a default it saves the new page in an auto-created new folder INSIDE the original folder. And that nested folder has both the original page and the variation page.

          Why? Why would the default be to create continuing nested folders? Why wouldn't pages created from the same template not just save together by default in one folder and then if *I* want continuning nested folders, *I* can do that manually?
          I don't see the design logic in creating extra complexity of organization by default. Are there use cases where this is preferred?

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            sarhunt Adobe Employee

            Hey Jesse,


            Sorry you're running into issues, and thanks for passing this along. We had a bug where some of the template files weren't being packaged and unpackaged correctly, this should be fixed in the next release.



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              JessePH86 Level 1

              Ah, great to hear.
              By the way, another bug I've run across and want to make sure it's on your radar: Sometimes when I open Edge files I've previously worked on, the Stage area resizes itself based on how I resize the window. Then I have to close the file and re-open it in order for it to be its correct height/width.