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    JavaScript error

    jkaybaker Level 1

      I use a Mac 10.7.5, CS4, I got a notice (JavaScript code was missing) when I go to Automate/Photomerge, how can this be corrected?

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          Tom Ruark Adobe Employee

          The most common reason is that you have a volume named "Applications" can you give me all the names of your drives? Try renaming them?

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            jkaybaker Level 1

            Hi Tom,


            Thank you very much for your reply.

            I have used Photoshop for 22 yrs. and this has never happened.

            I don't have any volumes named "Applications", but I have a folder named that.

            My drive names are JKB'S EXTERNAL/LaCie (external boot), JKB'S G5 (internal drive), EXTRA SPACE/LaCie, Snow Leopard/LaCie,  and Hyper Drive.

            When I boot up on JKB'S G5 with CS4 the Photomerge it works with no warning, but this drive is a lot slower than my boot JKB'S EXTERNAL/LaCie.

            When I boot up with JKB'S EXTERNAL/LaCie, CS4  Photomerge doesn't work, but my CS6 Photomerge does work.


            THANK Jerry.