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    A little help needed???

      Hi all... Extreme Newb here.... I have been dragged into the scary world of flash kicking and screaming all the way.. I am photoshop junkie that has been brought into a website makeover for a friend.. I need help creating a page that works very similar to this link http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/products/modelinnovation/6/0/innovation.aspx {not sure if the rules of this fourm allow for link examples I am sorry if they are frowned on} thought it would be the quickest way to explain what I am after...
      I am looking to create a simple action when the mouse rolls over a hot square... I need for a seperate image to appear on the stage with a bit of text and on rollout disappear.. It all seems simple enough but I can't find any info on this either in book form or web help.... Any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated..
      Thanks inadvance!!!
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          A very simple, no code, method for showing something on a rollover event is to use a button symbol. Create a new button symbol. This will open the editor. If you look at the timeline for the button, you'll see that there are only four frames available. In the existing layer, draw the target that you want to use to trigger the rollover. If you are using text or an open object, to to the last frame and add a new keyframe. Draw a filled object to cover the whole target image. What you draw in the last frame is the area that will define the hit target of the button.

          Add a new layer. and place a keyframe in the second frame of this new layer. Add another keyframe to the third fram of this layer. Use the space in the second frame of this second layer for the content that you want to show when the target is rolled over.

          The cross hair at the center of the window will be the registration point for the button, place the rollover content so that it appears in the location that you want.

          That should get you started.
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            frostbyte123 Level 1
            I knew I came to the right place!!! thanks Rob..can't wait to try it out... {sort of } lol kicking and screaming down the rabbitt hole I go...