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    Missing Search Box in Safari 2.0

      After porting RoboHelp X5 webhelp to macintosh, our developers noticed that the search box is missing in Safari 2.0. We have tried generating webhelp in PureHTML format, and also followed the recommendations in this site http://groups.google.com/group/macromedia.robohelp.webhelp/browse_thread/thread/10b132824c 6531b6/cb3a5b07589b6f7a%23cb3a5b07589b6f7a, but to no avail.
      Does anyone have a solution? Advise would be greatly appreciated.
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi coloredArc and welcome to our community

          If you are generating using Pure HTML, there will be no search box. You only see the search box if you are using DHTML or Java Applet. In a Pure HTML mode, you have nothing but links. For search, you see an alphabet list with links populating the pane below the list.

          Hope this helps... Rick
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            coloredArc Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            We generated WebHelp in DHTML or JavaApplet initially and also had the same problem, that's why we thought of trying different formats. Here's a different side of the story. I don't know how the developer managed to display the search box finally, but then there is an unwanted "Display" button at the bottom of the TOC navigation pane. We tried to edit the whtbar.js file to see if we could comment out any code that shows the "Display" button, but nothing seems to work. Any idea which RH js file controls the TOC pane or how we can remove unwanted buttons on the navigation pane? Thanks!