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    .Mov files in CC : The File Has no Audio or Video Streams

    Troy_w1 Level 1

      I recently updated premier to CC , since i have issues iimporting any .mov files at all.

      The specific ones Im trying for my current project are exports from AE , rendered lossless animation .mov , worked fine in CS6 , will play in quicktime and other generic's but always getting the The FIle Has no Audio or Video Streams message when trying to import into a project.


      Quicktime is updated so I can't understand why the won't play, is this a CC bug ?

      i go back to cs6 on my other comp they open fine...


      Ive seen a few topics on this none with a resolution and most of those where from cam's, this is an export from AE, anyone able to help this is stopping me from working atm ......



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