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    Remote Object


      I want to use Flex to send Data using Remote Objects.... and I have 2 questions regarding this:

      I am using an Installation of ColdFusion 702 but I don’t think the Remoting Update was additionally installed - is it possible to install this remoting object separately, or will I have to re-install ColdFusion again selecting this option?

      I have created a large Flex 2 Project, although when I created it - I just built a "Basic" project within the wizard..... is there a way I can now change my project to allow for "ColdFusion Flash Remoting Service" ?????

      any suggestions would be most appreciated.


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          dkerr Level 1
          1) if you did the Updater 2 install, remoting update gets installed. But you may need to enable it in CF Admin>>Flex Integration
          2) May not be the easiest way, but I created a new project with Flash Remoting selected, then simply copied my mxml, etc. from the basic folders to the new project. I'm new to FB2, but this seemed to work ok for me.