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    Tech Comm Suite--FM TOC not importing properly

    TeachingMom Level 1
      I just returned from an extended (6-week) break and found that none of the issues I was having with the new Tech Comm Suite were resolved while I was away. Since I cannot seem to find any posts concerning these issues, I am assuming that these my concerns are due to user error. Here is a summary of what I have been doing and the results I get.

      When I add a FM book to a RH project and specify to Convert the FM TOC and creating a new associated TOC, my new TOC in RH results in a list of topics all at the same level (no books or sub-books based on the original format of the FM TOC as promised). My FM TOC does contain definite differences in indent, size and weight of the various heading levels, but these are not carried through to my help project. Am I missing some key setting or style mapping trick?

      I hope someone can help me with this...I really don't want to have to manually format the TOC everytime I update the help project!!!

      Thanks Much--