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    3D animation of cylinder changing into a flat image

    Hardrockchina Level 1

      This may sound strange. My company CUES inc. makes cameras for pipe inspection. One digital camera captures images and then thru software that internal video inside a pipe line is turned into a flat image.


      I'm looking for someone that can create or provide me training "how to" to do this...


      Take the flat pipe line image and show it becoming a cylinder... then show a camera view like its moving thru this pipeline.  At the end, the cylinder will then split at the bottom and the image goes from a cylinder back to the flat image.   We have a YouTube video if you look at the CUES DUC camera..  Www.youtube.com/cuesinc. This will give you an idea what I'm talking about.


      We are glad to give credit on our new product video to the person that can help us.   I really want to learn this proposed animation too.  I've taken the flat image and placed on a cylinder in photoshop (that's the easy part) may question is how to show thru animation the flat image becoming a cylinder, etc


      Feel free to contact me at dparker@cuesinc.com. To discuss


      I really look forward to learning this!!!!!