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    iPlanet integration

      Hi Guys,

      I am trying to install CF MX 7 using SILENT mode and have a problem right now. How to configure multiple virtual servers using .properties file? It can be done using "GUI" installer in section:

      Please configure your web server(s). If you do not configure a web server the
      built-in web server will be used on port 8500 or the next available port.

      1- Add Web Server Configuration
      2- Remove Web Server Configuration
      3- Edit:Sun ONE Web Server (iPlanet) : virtual>server1/config
      4- Edit:Sun ONE Web Server (iPlanet) : virtual_server2/config
      ->5- Continue with installation

      Choice: 5

      etc.... Is there a way to add some lines to .properties? If not, how to do it from command line?

      Thank you for your help.