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    When I export to MP4 it creates an M4V instead.

    Landsharkk Level 1



      I've been successfully using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for quite some time now.  But my recent video has some exporting issues.


      For some reason whenever I export my video to an MP4 format (H.246), the export will either take 5+ hours (for a 20 minute video) or it will take 15 minutes (same exact work area).  In both cases I end up with an unreadable .mp4 file and an additional .m4v file (no clue why this suddenly gets created, it never has before), but in the latter case (when it only takes 15 minutes to export), the output file is only about 24 bytes.


      The ONLY thing I've done different in this video than past videos is I used 2 MP3 files (audio only) for an intro and outro music on the video. 



      I always make sure to choose 'render entire work area' before exporting.



      Does anyone know why my exported files are unreadable using the above information?  I've made dozens of videos prior to this one all using the same recording gear with no issues during export.  The only difference this time is the addition of the .mp3 file used as another audio source added to the work area/final video. 



      Any help or suggestions on how to fix this or what I'm doing wrong would be great!