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    Playback composite on second screen while multicam on first screen ?

    Matinciel Level 1

      Hi there,


      What I try to do is :

      (maybe the screen shot will help to understand)

      I've got a sequence with two cameras linked together and an other third camera which should be always visible on screen (some kind of picture in picture effect).


      So my I want to see the multi cam sequence in my first screen and the composite playback on the second screen.


      Actually, I can get this but the third video is only showing on the composite when paused (not during playback). That's to say a select a frame manualy in the timeline (third camera is showing up in second screen), I play the video the third camera disappear from second screen...


      Is this the normal behaviour ?


      Is there any way to get the result I want ?


      So on the left my main screen, on the right my second screen. (on the right you can see the camera with nexus screen, not the green screen).

      On my main screen, I ve got the multicam monitro where I don't see my third camera but this is not a problem.




      When I push play I got this (see the black line on the left of the second screen third camera not showing up).




      Thanks in advance for your help !


      PS : I've seen some posts with reference monitor, I try this but it seems not to playback in the same time as the multicam so not what I want.