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    Premiere Elements 11 "No media present"


      I'm new to using Premiere Elements 11.  Everything was going smoothly until I tried to burn an AVCHD project to disc.  Got the message "No media present" which mean the burn button wasn't available.  I notice another discussion on this where the solution was to burn the project to a folder, then burn the DVD using a program ImgBurn. 


      (1) I'm not comfortable downloading this program (how do I know it's safe?).

      (2) I've got a brand new Toshiba laptop (12 GB)/Windows 8.  Everything is new and updated... Is there an Adobe fix to this problem?  Like a program patch???

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          No patches.


          ImgBurn does have some strange, but helping messages while it operates, but is a highly effective program. I have it on Windows 7 64 bit and Window 8 64 bit and have not had any problems with it over the course of several years. If you target the download button for ImgBurn, no problems. And, you control what gets installed once the dialogs appear.


          Back to Premiere Elements 11 AVCHD burn to DVD or Folder.


          Important questions:


          a. Putting aside the "after" and ImgBurn, can you get a successful Publish+Share/Disc/AVCHD with a burn to = Folder (4.7 GB)?


          b. In the case of the .../AVCHD with burn to = disc (DVD), did you try another disc? Did you trying hitting the Rescan button?


          Please view the above. Especially try the AVCHD DVD burn to folder to see if it works up to that point before you decide whether to download and install ImgBurn.


          Where do you intend to play back this AVCHD DVD? The hard part about this should be finding a player for it.


          More later.



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            Jerry_Flip316 Level 1

            Hi ATR,

            a.  I did get the project to burn to a folder (4.7 GB).

            b.  I've tried a couple discs and tried the Rescan with no luck.  I'm using Memorex DVD-R discs.  I saw that some suggested trying a higher quality (Sony) discs.  I'd die and go to Heaven if it's that simple.  Should I try this or does this sound like  waste of a couple bucks?  Note: I've used these discs to burn AVCHD discs with Roxio in the past with no problems.

            c. I have an LG Blu-Ray disc player and my AVCHD discs created with Roxio Creator play with no problems.  Was hoping to continue making AVCHD discs with my new Premiere Elements 11... if I can find media to come out of hiding...


            If there ends up being no Adobe solution, I'll try the ImgBurn route... But it'll kill me to have to go outside of the Premiere Elements program just to burn an HD DVD.  I've heard such good things about this program I was convinced to switch.  Still hopeful at this point...

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I use the FREE http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download for all of my disc writing (send the author a PayPal donation if you like his program)

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                Jerry_Flip316 Level 1

                Hi John,

                One question.  I saw in a prior discussion that the person seeking help could burn discs using ImgBurn, but seemed to indicate they were DVD quality, not HD DVD.  Or did I misread that?


                Note: I can burn a DVD using my Premiere Elements 11, just not AVCHD quality.


                (1) I think I'd like to see if switching to Sony DVD-R quality discs might help. (Yes/No?).

                (2) Can you (or ATR) confirm that using ImgBurn will burn AVCHD (HD) quality, not just DVD quality?


                Your responses have been most informative...  Jerry

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I do not try to burn AVCHD to a DVD, so can't comment... since Imgburn is free to download and use (paypal if you like the program) download and find out


                  PS - This is about Encore and ISO, but you should be able to create a BluRay folder of a SHORT video (no more than 20 minutes) and then burn that folder to a DVD using Imgburn... that "hybrid" DVD will NOT play back on a DVD player due to the higher data rate, it will require a BluRay player... if the Encore idea will even work for Premiere Elements... BluRay image on a DVD http://forums.adobe.com/thread/871854


                  Otherwise, for true AVCHD quality, you must have a BluRay burner and BluRay disc blanks

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Yes. Img Burn will take the BDMV Folder from the Premiere Elements burn to folder for AVCHD DVD and get it to your DVD disc in AVCHD format on DVD disc format in the correct File System for the disc.


                    I see no reason why the Sony brand DVD-R should not be OK. I use Verbatim DVD-R for this type and have had not had any problems. So, I am not sure what distinction you are making between DVD and HD DVD. The standard DVD-R 4.7 GB/120 min should do fine with a regular DVD burner drive. I have used lesser brands of disc for this task without problems, but I am going the recognized reliable way.


                    Do you need a step by step for your ImgBurn AVCHD DVD. If so, say the word, and I will supply whatever information that you need.


                    Also look at the spec's for your DVD burner to make sure there is nothing in the "fine print" to get in the way of our progress in this matter.





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                      Jerry_Flip316 Level 1

                      Well, some good news.  My Toshiba PC has a program to "burn to DVD."  I had burned my video project to a Folder (4.7 GB) and tried to use the Toshiba program to burn it to a disc and it worked...


                      So, still not sure why the Adobe Premiere Elements 11 indicates "no media present," but at least I can burn my AVCHD project to a disc. 


                      If anyone ever understands why the Premiere Elements program isn't detecting media, sure would like to know and save myself a step or two.


                      Many thanks to ATR and John T. Smith for leading me through this! 

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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Your other burning software MAY be the cause of your problem... if it is "stealing" control of the drive so PreElements may not communicate


                        Things and Software to AVOID when authoring/burning a disc... says Encore, but also applies to Premiere Elements and disc burning


                        Start --> http://forums.adobe.com/thread/608660

                        #2 has WHY Explained http://forums.adobe.com/thread/607390

                        Plus http://forums.adobe.com/thread/562941

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for the follow up with the good news about the workaround and the tools used for the AVCHD DVD burn to folder workflow.


                          As for the Premiere Elements built in burn to disc AVCHD DVD


                          a. Have you gone the typical drill of checking out updates for burner driver and firmware?


                          b. Have you checked alternatives to the Memorex DVD-R as your disc? A few years back I had a situation where a whole batch of DVD-R discs were defective in that they would not be recognized by the burner drive that worked great with everything else including discs of the same type from the same manufacturer (but different lot). The manufacturer acknowledged a disc coding defect and replaced the lot of 50. Memorex was not involved in that particular episode.


                          c. Do you have access to an USB external DVD burner?


                          I will keep thinking about this one.